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i'm not that good at english but feel free to talk to me whenever you want! *^* Hablo un poquito español et français aussi.


Anonimo asked:
can u suggest your favourite blogs ?

i like A LOT of blogs! i’ll show you my tumblr crushes :3

myhusbandisabingu ; attackofdcowards ; limoncielo ; gdtopworld ; giyongchy-g ; lulimac ; choi-shell-hyun ; choinessia
but there are many others  like top-oppa, ontopofthebluehill, koreandreamm , dreamertechie, fuckyeahitstop, nitsa1980, ygcloset, blueprince3, gdragonswag, bigbangmyheaven, raghd  ahfsjdjahd too many! 

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