Macy | 18 | Italy | V.I.P

i'm not that good at english but feel free to talk to me whenever you want! *^* Hablo un poquito español et français aussi.


I’m going on a school trip with my girls (myhusbandisabingu and herwhisperisobsession LET’S HAVE FUN AJDKFKKS) so i’ll be on hiatus for 6 days. 
I`ve a lot of posts on queue and sometimes i`ll check tumblr from my mobile so if you ask me something i`ll answer after the 12th.
That’s all! take care everyone! ** I’LL MISS U TUMBLR

  1. gdtopworld ha detto: Enjoy n hv fun…B safe…(^.^)v
  2. hellyeahgdragon ha detto: have fun dear, be safe <3
  3. parkboobs ha detto: Divertiti!! >u<
  4. mysteriouschocolate ha detto: A Budapest andate?? Vi consiglio la zuppa di frutti di bosco!! *__* Ma soprattutto buon divertimento!!!!!
  5. ontopofthebluehill ha detto: have fun! tc ^^
  6. top-oppa ha detto: have fun :)
  7. bigbangmyheaven ha detto: where are you going?? have fun :D
  8. postato da bigbbong